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Turning competitors into allies to change the beauty industry.

Almost 70%
of  packaging waste of the beauty industry ends up in US landfills.

Despite pledging to become ‘zero waste’ by the end of 2021, it’s a problem REN Clean Skincare can’t solve alone. Which is why we proposed a different solution to highlight their pledge.


Don’t just compete. Create an alliance with the competition and work together to make the beauty industry more sustainable.

To launch the alliance, REN not only promoted itself but also four of its biggest competitors products which also use planet friendly packaging.


and industry changing initiative.

It shifted
category thinking from ‘competitors’ to ‘allies’ for the good of the planet.

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5 competitors, now allies,
with more and more joining the cause. 

“Within the alliance we are making sure that brands can fast-track their sustainability journey so that those who started later can learn from the mistakes we made and effectively take a shortcut.”

Arnaud Meysselle, CEO of REN Clean Skincare

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