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Restaking its place as the definitive purpose-led brand, Radically Good to its core

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Before 1% or 1 for 1.  Before 'social impact' was even a thing, there was Paul Newman and Newman’s Own. A company founded on Paul's famous principle 'let's give it all away' to help those in need. And has upheld this principle 100% profits given, for 40 years.

"Radically Good' is the new brand platform and its largest campaign to date. To show a new generation a company that is inherently good to its core, because it only exists to help others through the profits it makes off the products it sells.

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Our first ‘Radically Good’ act lets other brands join in. By giving use of Paul Newman on a product, so long as 100% of the profits go to helping kids. Just like his deal 40 years ago this year.

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