Abbey Road.  The Beatles,1969.

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Social distancing is the new normal and it will be for a while. 6 feet or 1.8 meters is the distance that experts recommend we keep between each other to stop the virus spreading.


We applied the 6 feet distance, reimagining iconic album covers and turning them into simple and powerful visuals.  


Queen II. Queen, 1974.

Blondie. Blondie, 1976.

A few days later, some of the artists featured started to show their support for the covers. And TV networks and publications from around the world shared the project.  


The Joshua Tree. U2,1987.

Straight Outta Compton. N.W.A.,1988.

6 Feet Covers has become an open project with artists and designers across the globe redesigning new covers of international and local bands. 

Anthology. Ramones, 1999.

Bookends. Simon & Garfunkel, 1968.

Destroyer. Kiss, 1976.

Rumours. Fleetwood Mac, 1977.

Highway to Hell. AC/DC, 1979.

The Score. Fugees, 1996.

The Essential. Run-D.M.C., 2012

Combat Rock. The Clash, 1982.

Surfer Girl. The Beach Boys, 1963.

Actually. Pet Shop Boys,1987.

Wild Planet. B-52's, 1980.

Maybe Tomorrow. Jackson 5,  1970.

Ten. Pearl Jam, 1991.

Destiny Fulfilled. Destiny's Child, 2004.

The Man-Machine. Kraftwerk, 1978.

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? Oasis, 1995.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles, 1967.

The Rolling Stones.The Rolling Stones, 1964.

Warning. Green Day,  2000

Notorius. Duran Duran, 1986.

Tellin' Stories. The Charlatans, 1997.

Culture II. Migos, 2018.

Trust Fall. Incubus, 2015.

The Freewheeling', Bob Dylan, 1963.

Born to Run. Bruce Springsteen, 1975.

The Message. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, 1982