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We are the United States and Oceans of America

The land and oceans of the free, the home and waves of the brave.


Very few Americans are interested in the health of the oceans. There is, however, one thing in our DNA that interests and unites us all: pride and love for this great country. 

But America doesn’t end at the shoreline. Our oceans are as American as our mountains.

In fact, the size of the ocean that belongs to America is bigger than the American land.

We combined the power of patriotism with the power of environmentalism to bring a disruptive approach to protect the oceans.  

We renamed the country The United States and Oceans of America.



All flags sold out within 48 hours. 

80% growth in merchandise sales.

98% positive sentiment on social channels.

133% growth in Instagram followers.

46% growth in web traffic.

The best performing Surfrider campaign ever. 

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