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Training program to help tattoo artists detect skin cancer

To prevent skin cancer, we asked for the help of those who are closest to the people’s skin.



Brazilian beach culture is unique. Beautiful tanned bodies, cool tattoos, but also skin cancer. There are 140,000 new cases diagnosed each year with an increase of 74% in people under the age of 40. In order to make young people aware of this problem, Sol de Janeiro, a youth sunscreen brand, found a new way to prevent skin cancer.  



We asked for the help of those who are closest to the skin of the young people in Brazil: their tattoo artists. In Brazil, there are over 25 million people with tattoos. In partnership with A.C. Camargo, one of the most respected cancer institutes in the world, we created a training program that teaches tattoo artists how to recognize skin problems.




Over 450 tattoo artists certified from all over Brazil. More than 19,800 new skin cancer checks every week. Thanks to their tattoo artists, many people who had never visited the dermatologist had an early skin cancer diagnosis.


Sol de Janeiro established itself as the sunscreen brand that really takes care of young people’s skin in Brazil. The project was featured in national news and thousands of blogs.